Greenfield Music

Residents of Greenfield, Indiana are fortunate to live so close to Indiana‘s capital, Indianapolis. Greenfield music lovers can take advantage of everything the Indianapolis music scene has to offer, from up and coming Indianapolis bands to enormous Indianapolis music venues. However, Greenfield, like any town in the United States, has its own music scene, though it might not be as large as those in Indiana college towns like West Lafayette and Bloomington.

Video of live music at the Hancock County Public Library in Greenfield, Indiana

Through the many Greenfield events that take place in the city, local musicians get the chance to perform in front of visitors and residents alike. Greenfield attractions like the Riley Festival, the Pennsy Trail Art Fair, and others sponsor live music on a regular basis, and Greenfield restaurants and bars sometimes host musicians and bands from neighboring Indianapolis. The Bread Ladies Cafe, a popular Greenfield restaurant, features live music fairly consistently. If you want to learn or buy an instrument so you can start your own Indiana music group, head on over to the Greenfield Music Center; the store offers lessons and merchandise to help you get started.