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Greenfield, Indiana is the county seat of Hancock County. It was established in 1828, and is located approximately twenty miles east of Indianapolis. Greenfield is home to approximately 18,400 resident Hoosiers.  While Greenfield still has a certain small town charm, it is a bustling city on the move. There are many industrial and commercial Greenfield businesses, professional services, Greenfield restaurants, and a wide variety of Greenfield shopping, with retail and specialty businesses throughout the city and additional business developing all the time.

Greenfield Arts

Greenfield is home to an active and expanding arts community. Greenfield art is swiftly approaching its peak; many galleries, art based events, and artists are moving into this Indianapolis suburb. Highlights of the Greenfield arts scene include the annual Riley Festival, CrazyLake Art House (a studio space and gallery), Bread Ladies Cafe (a Greenfield restaurant that exhibits works by local artists), and more.

Greenfield Attractions

If you think that Greenfield attractions are few and far between, all you have to do is look around you. Greenfield parks like the 40 acre Riley Park and the myriad of neighborhood parks draw in visitors, as do the two historic museums dedicated to Greenfield native James Whitcomb Riley, the James Whitcomb Riley Old Home & Museum and the Riley House. Tuttle Orchards, a self pick apple orchard, is another Greenfield attraction that’s great for a day trip from Indianapolis.

Greenfield Bars

Greenfield is a quiet suburb, mostly designed around raising families and commuting to a variety of Indianapolis businesses. However, a town of any size needs its share of local watering holes, gathering spots, and places to kick back and relax with friends. Several Greenfield businesses fill this role, including Ian’s Pub, the local music hotspot; Bubbaz Pub, home of the all night party with cheap beer; and Ro’s Bar & Grill, a friendly neighborhood bar with a menu chock full of delicious bar food.

Greenfield Business

Greenfield, Indiana is home to several major Greenfield businesses that do business throughout Indiana and the United States. Though not on the same economic footing as neighboring metropolis Indianapolis, Greenfield has many corporate headquarters stationed within its boundaries. A few of the more notable companies in Greenfield include Gas America Inc, Indiana Automotive Fasteners, and Avery Dennison.

Greenfield Children

Greenfield children have the great luck to live in a town that has plenty of fun Greenfield attractions, Greenfield events, and Greenfield restaurants that are catered just to kids! The Family Fun and Fitness Center heads up children’s fitness programs and intramural sports, and its community pool is a great place to take your kids swimming. Programs run by the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department teach kids gymnastics, prepare them for kindergarten, and immerse them in the world of art appreciation and art creation.

Downtown Greenfield

Downtown Greenfield lifts your spirits as you stroll down the same path famous Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley traveled. Antique shops, museums, a live performance theater, restaurants and Greenfield businesses offer plenty to keep your family busy. Greenfield shopping is well-supplemented by the excellent nearby Indianapolis shopping malls, too. Events like Entertainment on the Plaza and the Christmas Festival roll through downtown Greenfield on a consistent basis, and sometimes you can even catch a carriage ride through the streets.

Greenfield Schools

There are four private schools to choose from in the area. Less than 10 miles from Greenfield, the closest of these private schools are St. Michael Elementary School, located in the heart of the city, and Zion Lutheran School in nearby New Palestine. Within a 20 mile radius of Greenfield there is a wide variety of Indiana colleges and learning institutions, most of them less than a thirty minute drive into Marion County. In addition, there are seven public schools within the Greenfield-Central Community Schools district, including Greenfield-Central High School, Maxwell Middle School, and Weston Elementary School.

Greenfield Events

The largest and most famous Greenfield event is the Riley Festival. The festival features a craft fair, the famous Children’s Parade of Flowers, live Greenfield music, a parade through downtown Greenfield, and more. Other popular Greenfield events include the Pennsy Trail Art Fair (featuring glass bead blowing and a classic car show), and the Hancock County 4-H Fair (with elephant ears, carnival games, and livestock!). Greenfield events have something for everyone.

Greenfield Health

Greenfield health options may not be terribly diverse, but they are certainly well equipped to handle your needs. If you get sick or are in need of emergency care, Hancock Regional Hospital is there to take care of you. The state of the art hospital has a Diabetes Education Center and a Center for Wound Healing in addition to the Hancock Wellness center, a rehab and fitness center that’s been top ranked by the Indianapolis Business Journal. Gyms like Family Fun & Fitness and GetFit 24/7 Fitness can also keep Greenfield residents fit and trim.

Greenfield Hotels

If you’re going to visit Greenfield, you’re going to need a place to stay. That’s where Greenfield hotels come in. There are many different Greenfield hotels to choose from for every budget. Some have distractions for Greenfield children, some have close proximity to Greenfield health facilities and downtown Greenfield, and all provide a good respite from the fun activities you’ll be enjoying in this small Midwestern town.

Greenfield Media

Though the world of Indianapolis media is at Greenfield’s fingertips, Greenfield media also has a few outlets of its own. Greenfield features a student-run radio station and two newspapers that serve all of Hancock County. WRGF 89.7 The Cougar is run through Greenfield-Central High School and plays mostly alternative rock; the Greenfield Daily Reporter has been around since 1908 and is the main source of news in Greenfield; and the Special Edition Monthly, the second Greenfield newspaper, runs human interest pieces and editorial columns.

Greenfield Music

Greenfield, like any town in the United States, has its own music scene, though it might not be as large as those in Indiana college towns like West Lafayette and Bloomington. Plenty of Greenfield events feature live music, and the Bread Ladies Cafe is the top music venue in the suburb. Greenfield businesses like the Greenfield Music Center offer lessons and pro gear for the aspiring musician.

Greenfield Parks

Greenfield parks are one of the most important parts of this town. Riley Park, the feature park of Greenfield, covers 40 acres of natural landscape and offers a 7,200 square foot skate park, two basketball courts, six tennis courts, five baseball fields, playground equipment, a sledding hill, and plenty of open areas for Greenfield sports and fishing along Brandywine Creek. Neighborhood parks, trails, and other green spaces dot the suburb, allowing residents to get out and enjoy the sunshine right in their own backyards.

Greenfield People

There are a number of well-known and famous people from Greenfield. By far the most famous Greenfield resident, however, is James Whitcomb Riley, also known as “The Hoosier Poet,” for whom Riley Park, the Riley House Restaurant, the Riley Festival and the important Riley Children’s Hospital have been named. Other famous Greenfield natives are Mark Dismore and Jaycie Phelps.

Greenfield Real Estate

Photo of Greenfield real estateGreenfield is a great place to live thanks to its strong community, great real estate and close proximity to Indianapolis. While its population is hardly “exploding” it has been growing at a steady pace in recent years. The Greenfield real estate market, by extension, has been steadily growing as well. The small city offers plenty of places to live, whether downtown or elsewhere. There really aren’t any “bad” areas in Greenfield. Each neighborhood and subdivision offer a unique character that must be seen first-hand to be understood. With architectural styles ranging from Queen Ann, Victorian, American Foursquare, Craftsman, Ranch, Neo-Eclectic and more, you’ll have no problem finding a home that fits your own style. While Greenfield homes are very affordably priced, you’ll have no problem finding upscale homes as well. When you’re ready to start your home search head on over to Greenfield and make a weekend of it.

Greenfield Restaurants

With many locally-owned establishments in the area and a wide variety of chain type Greenfield restaurants to choose from, you could dine out at a different location in and around Greenfield every night for a month. Top restaurants in Greenfield include the Bread Ladies Cafe, a locally owned bakery and sandwich shop; Carnegie’s Restaurant, set in the old library building; and Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant.

Greenfield Shopping

Old Towne antique shops in downtown Greenfield, IndianaThe majority of the major retailers in Greenfield, Indiana are located north of town off of the I-70 interstate, but there are many Greenfield businesses and specialty shops dotted in and around downtown Greenfield.  This makes for a uniquely different Greenfield shopping experience and a great way to enjoy the local flavor. There are also many chain stores and supermarkets in the Greenfield area.

Greenfield Sports

For Greenfield sports, residents rely on Greenfield-Central High School to live out all their sporting needs. This pillar of Greenfield education has twelve different varsity sports, including football, baseball, cross country, and wrestling. Otherwise, Greenfield residents can still take in the professional caliber of Indianapolis sports.

Greenfield Things to Do

Exterior of the Greenfield Public Library in Greenfield, IndianaThings to do in Greenfield encompass a wide range of activities and events. Watch the parade during the Riley Festival, see the breadth of the Greenfield arts scene during the Pennsy Trail Art Fair, have a bite to eat at Bread Ladies Cafe, or bask in the sun at Riley Park; whatever you want to do, Greenfield has something for you!

n Greenfield, Indiana, you will find excellent Greenfield schools, an innovative and technologically advanced library, many family friendly Greenfield parks and recreation areas, expanded health services, and annual Greenfield events such as the Pennsy Trail Art Fair, the Riley Festival, Entertainment on the Plaza, the Hancock County Fair, and many others. It’s a great place to live, play, and work.