Greenfield Children: Tumbling, Art, and More!

Greenfield, Indiana, a small Midwestern town just east of Indianapolis, is a great place to raise kids. Greenfield children have the great luck to live in a town that has plenty of fun Greenfield attractions, Greenfield events, and Greenfield restaurants that are catered just to kids!

For starters, the Family Fun & Fitness Center, a hub for Greenwood health, has a special fitness program just for children called Kids Involved in Doing Sports, or K.I.D.S. The children can play WallyBall, ping-pong and other sports with other kids, and even take gymnastics lessons. Head to the gym while your child of six to twelve participates in exercise, socializing, and team building. Activities sponsored by K.I.D.S. include Wally Ball, a variant of volleyball where kids can use walls and ceilings on their way to victory, inline skating, ping-pong, racquetball,and even gymnastics classes.

The Family Fun & Fitness Center isn’t the only Greenfield facility where Greenfield children can improve their gymnastics skills. The Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department sponsors a gymnastics program at Riley Park called Totally Teen Tumbling for teens of every age group and skill level. At Totally Teen Tumbling, gymnasts learn round-offs, backhands, tucks, and more on their way to gymnastic greatness.

The Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department is also in charge of a comprehensive preschool program for Greenfield children. The school has been active since 1986 and also takes place in the Patricia Elmore Center in Riley Park, one of the many Greenfield attractions named after James Whitcomb Riley, the Hoosier poet. The Greenfield preschool program is designed to get your child ready to tackle those tough kindergarten classes.
Greenfield also hosts a number of Greenfield arts programs for children of all ages and skill levels. The Umbrella Art Series is a month long course that covers a specific subject each course period. In October, students learned all about insects, including life cycles, types, and tendencies. Students learned to illustrate these amazing animals using pencils, acrylic paints, pastels, and other mixed media.

Later on in October and into November, students in the Umbrella Art Series will participate in the Following in Their Footsteps unit. This unit teaches students the techniques of artists throughout history, from classical masters to contemporary visionaries. Students will learn basic concepts of composition, color, and spatial arrangement using mixed media like paper mache, sculpture, and acrylic paints.

All in all, Greenfield, Indiana sports a variety of programs and activities for Greenfield children of all ages. Sign up for a few programs and see your child’s creative mind blossom!

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