Family Fun and Fitness Center: Lively Nexus in Greenfield, Indiana

The Family Fun & Fitness Center in Greenfield, Indiana is exactly what the name implies: a center where families gather to have fun and get fit. Think of it as a one-stop recreational and fitness place for your whole clan.

They’ve created a vast variety of things to do in this Greenfield facility, taking into consideration activities for every member of your family, no matter the age or interest. The Family Fun & Fitness Center offers tons of court sports, such as racquetball, basketball, volleyball and tennis. They offer a comprehensive aerobics program that includes low-impact, step aerobics, spinning, pilates, yoga, cardio, Zumba and even swimming and water aerobics, too.

Fun activities at the Center include a mountain climb area, golf and an arcade room, while targeted physical improvement opportunities and amenities include stand-up booths for tanning, a dry sauna or steam room, an indoor pool and a relaxing whirlpool to top off your workout.

At Greenfield’s Family Fun & Fitness Center, there’s a nursery, open from 8:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, just for the convenience of parents who want to take care of themselves as well as their kids. The Center has a program for children called Kids Involved in Doing Sports, or KIDS, offering WallyBall, ping-pong, and other team activities. Children can learn young to love being active and enjoy their bodies more for the rest of their lives. Family Fun & Fitness Center also features gymnastics lessons for Greenfield children ages three to seven. Participants learn the basics of cartwheels, forward rolls, walkovers, straddle rolls, handstands, and more.

The Center offers personal training, advice and lots of great adult classes, which are briefly described in the list below.

Family Fun & Fitness Center’s Adult Fitness Classes

  • Arthritic Water Aerobics
    For those aching, stiff joints, get in the pool and try these gentle exercises.
  • Cardio Combo
    Combines low-impact aerobics with step aerobics for the perfect class workout.
  • Cardio Step
    Easy workout routines to address the cardiovascular needs for people of all fitness levels.
  • Cycle 45 and 30
    These classes employ the Center’s stationary bikes.
  • Easy Does It
    Stretching and toning routines directed at those unfamiliar with group exercise or those who want to start slowly.
  • Hammer Boxing
    Put on real live boxing gloves and punch the real boxing bag. Drills, exercises and more.
  • Muscle Boot Camp
    Just what you’d think.
  • Muscle Express
    Mean, lean 30-minute workout
  • Muscular Conditioning
    Free weights, resistance tubing and medicine balls are employed to develop your muscles to their max.
  • Pilates Mat Work
    Strengthen and stretch using this proven method.
  • Silver Sneakers
    Toning exercises and cardiovascular for those whose mobility is limited.
  • Step Blast
    Here’s a challenging class for the advanced stepper.
  • Step Fusion
    A favorite, this class combines something from lots of different routines to create a varied, fun workout.
  • Step Jam
    Intense toning workout for all levels.
  • Turbo Kick
    Kick Boxing at its hottest. How fun is that?
  • Yogafit
    Relax, rejuvenate and renew your body, mind and spirit.
  • Yogalates
    Combines the highly compatible Pilates routines with Yoga stretches for a fabulous outcome.
  • Zumba
    One of the most entertaining, fun ways to work out, this is a dance party incorporating music and Latin dance for a great fitness result.

This center, dedicated to the whole-being health of the entire family, is a model for all such fitness centers in greater Indianapolis and other cities in Central Indiana.

Family Fun & Fitness Center
5151 US40
Greenfield, IN 46140-8793
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