Greenfield Real Estate Scene July, 2009

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  Anyone who visits Greenfield knows why people want to live and work there. Filled with historic Greenfield homes, who once housed memorable people like James Whitcomb Riley, the area has retained is charm amongst busier surrounding communities in the Indianapolis real estate market. With this charm in tact, how is the Greenfield real estate market holding up against the rest of the Indianapolis homes for sale?

Looking at 98% of the counties in Indiana, the Indiana Association of REALTORS® recently looked at how the Hoosier state was doing in terms of home sales. They showcased their information on Indiana is Home. Indianapolis and many of the counties around it still lost ground in the number of homes sold from July, 2008 to July, 2009 (the two months studied). Hancock County fared even worse than most of its surrounding counties dropping 39.8% from 2008 to 2009, selling 88 total homes compared to 55 a year later. Average home sale prices dropped for the county as well, dropping 11.6% from $133,000 to $117,612.

Greenfield homes, however, found themselves doing better than the statewide average of about 7%. Declining in the number of homes sales by only 5% from 2008 to 2009, Greenfield homes are holding their own against neighboring communities. While most counties across Indiana suffered a loss in the number of home sales, the rate of decline has reached a slower pace which is a good sign for the state of real estate across the United States in general.


At present, you would be able to visit 314 Greenfield homes for sale if you had the time. There are a broad range of homes on the market starting from $27,000 to $800,000. Statistics from previous months tell us that you can expect about 11% of homes on the market at this time to sell. If one of about every ten homes is going to find a buyer, you need to have a plan to compete against your neighbor. Here are some tips to assure yourself you are ready for buyers to visit your home:

Contact a Greenfield REALTOR®. Of course, you do have the option to try to sell you home yourself or through an agency that does part of the work for you while you do the rest. But before you make a solid decision one way or another, contact a few REALTORS® and interview them for the position. Ask them how they would market your home and how your homes in your neighborhood are selling, as well as getting a feel of how their style of communication.

Do your research. If you live in a neighborhood and homes have sold recently, ask your new neighbors what drew them to your community and then sell those points to your new prospects. Leave fliers in your home for buyers to take with them to help them remember your home, and make sure your flier box is always full. Typically, buyers see many properties a day so you will want to leave them with something that makes your home stand out.

Label the amenities. A handy tip to get the most out of your showings is to leave little notes around to point out what’s great about living in your house. You can buy inexpensive plastic frames from any store and print off notes that tell them, for example, when you installed your roof or what your utility costs are.

One of the best things you can sell about Greenfield is having a small-town feel so close to a major city. Home prices on average are more reasonable than surrounding communities as well. Make sure you take advantage of all these benefits when selling your Greenfield home.