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Greenfield Market Sales Up 135 Percent in 2012

The Greenfield real estate market saw a 13.5-percent increase in the total number of homes sold in 2012 compared to 2012. The year-end total of 509 sales equates to an average of 42 closings per-month in 2012 compared to an average of just 37 per month for all … [Read More...]


Big Improvements Seen in Greenwood Market in Oct., 2012

While there was a marked, 26.4-percent decrease in the number of closings that took place versus the previous month, the Greenwood real estate market showed some surprising improvements in a number of key areas in October, 2012. But while the most recent total … [Read More...]


Greenfield Home Sales Rise 10.8 Percent in October, 2012

While not every stat looked pretty in October, the Greenfield real estate market showed significant improvements in at least key indicators: Pending sales and listings. October’s total of 41 pending sales, while unchanged versus the previous … [Read More...]

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